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On behalf of Bingo Player Magazine, we send our sincerest condolences on the passing of a few people we’ve known personally for years and who have facilitated work and friendships with us beyond our business relationship.

On December 9, 2017, Mr. Hugh Storey passed after a brief illness.  Hugh was the long-time husband of Pat, whom we work with for The Bingo Connection.  Hugh was a fun and funny gentleman.  On January 21st, we were invited to attend a “Celebration Of Life” for Hughie.  Pat, her sons, their daughters and grand-daughter were surrounded by family, including friends from Bingo Connection, like Leonard Parente.  The Bingo Connection Staff, Sponsors and the Association were well respresented. So many raised a pint of Coors Light, Hugh’s favourite, in his honour and in his memory.  The crowd was friendly and warm.  And the sound level, from the many stories and conversations going on, was amazing.

Delta Downsview Sponsors Association also lost a long-time member of their team, Sharon Wilson.  Sharon passed on December 23, 2017, after a brief illness, with her long-term partner, Joe “Gib” Gibson by her side.  Sharon took care of the books for Delta Downsview beautifully for years.  Sharon aslo helped other Bingo Centres in and around the GTA, for decades.  Sharon also loved her two dogs, Bailey and Ginger.  They are lovely little beasts and will continue to be loved and cared for by Gib.

Bingo Player Magazine also congratulates the entire team of Delta Bingo & Gaming Centres across Ontario for their many 50th Anniversary Year Celebrations, which came to a grand conclusion with their “Golden Ticket” Main Event – complete with music, dancers and a $500,002 Prize Board!  By far, this is the largest Bingo event ever held in Canada.  With more than a dozen Delta Bingo & Gaming Centres participating, “Golden Ticket” holders from throughout Ontario had the chance to be a part of Bingo History.  Check out the video below for highlights.

Below is a special page included in our February 2018 edition.


Bingo Player Magazine welcomes you to 2018.  We appreciate everyone who reads our printed magazine and visits us online, thanks to the support of great Bingo and Gaming locations in Ontario.  We also recognize the support of the Session Sponsors and their Associations for their ongoing and strong support.  We will only continue to work hard to bring you the best Bingo, E-Bingo and E-Gaming news throughout the year.  We hope you experience a nice cash win playing your favourite games.  THE BEST OF HEALTH & HAPPINESS TO YOU AND YOURS EVERY DAY!

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